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About Us

Our Mission

Established in 2018, AIDEVI was built on a singular mission: to provide customers with the finest dietary supplements promptly and at exceptional value. We achieve this by prioritizing the well-being of all, consistently delivering top-notch natural ingredients, supplement products, and technical services while upholding our founding principles in every aspect of our operations.

Our Advantages

We strive to make top-tier nutraceutical supplements accessible worldwide at reasonable prices. Our dedication lies in delivering exceptional products to our partners and consumers, fostering innovation in the supplement industry through collaborative efforts. At AIDEVI, we continuously delve into understanding our market, customers, and the communities we serve. We're prepared to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving global nutritional supplement market, spanning research, development, and regulatory landscapes. Recognizing the potential for purer, more potent ingredients, our adept research and development team remains at the forefront of scientific and botanical exploration, aiming to pioneer the next breakthrough in dietary supplements. Through Vesta, we offer cost reduction and profit enhancement opportunities via an expansive product range, unwavering quality standards, competitive pricing, timely delivery, and adaptable manufacturing options. Whether it's an existing product, a new launch, or a marketing initiative, our team of experts stands ready to cater to all your contract manufacturing requirements. With our vast library of innovative formulations, we streamline the process from concept to realization, ensuring the Tinus advantage works to your benefit!

Our Facility

Our FDA registered cGMP plant is over 50,000 square feet with state-of-the-art capabilities in contract manufacturing for powder, tablet, capsule and packaging.

In addition to our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, Tinus has the warehouse capacity to hold your products until you need them. Let us store it for you in our climate-controlled environment. We can drop-ship any quantity directly to you, anywhere in the world. Plus, we are centrally located in the U.S. so that North American customers receive shipments faster.